Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Last Christian Generation?

I want to Introduce this to you:

The Last Christian Generation (click HERE) is apparently a book by Josh McDowell and David H. Bellis.  

It is initially for people involved in youth ministry.   It has been found that Christian teenagers who are involved in church during their teens rarely continue being involved once they are in their twenties.  Our harsh culture attacks what Christians try to believe and teach. 
 Part of an article I read, that mentioned this book, said this:

"...A new factor, somewhat unique to today's culture is a "distorted worldview filter" unwittingly adopted by our youth and adults. This filter tells them:
• Truth is relative, not absolute.
• Science and spirituality are at odds. 
• Science confirms that I am nothing but insignificant dirt.
• An irrational, spiritual tradition can help me cope with this harsh reality. 
• However, I am in no position to critically evaluate someone else's tradition.

With this distorted filter in place, even solid biblical teaching can leave teens unprepared to stand firm in their faith."

When I read that, I couldn't believe it.  I couldn't believe how true it is that this is what we are lead to believe these days.  And when I think about it, it all goes against everything I believe and corrupts words like "Truth"  that used to carry so much more meaning!

In the 'book description' I read:
"The research on the current generation of young people reveals an alarming fact: they have redefined what it means to be Christian."

Personally I think my generation is redefining everything. 

God has been putting on my hear lately different things that surround one purpose: Being a REAL "Christian," or follower of Jesus Christ.   What that means is not pictured in following the "don'ts," such as "don't do drugs," "stay away from sex," "don't cut yourself,"  "don't swear" ...Although those things should be noted, it is a shallow thing to dwell on them alone and hope to change a kid's heart. True "Christianity" is different and is defined by the Bible.  It is beautifully seen in an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father. It is in knowledge of Him and a growing passion to follow Him. 

 I Don't feel particularly "rutted" in Christ all the time, and I feel like "the Church," or my fellow Christians, are far from rutted. That is bad!  I think a lot of things that used to be in "the Old Christianity" have been lost, and our generation in particular, is utterly confused and torn between God - what is right for us to do- ,  and what society and culture and even our authority figures tell us is "right" or "ok."  We don't really know. We know we don't really know.  The spreading, harsh culture we live in doesn't help us a bit either, and we are easily taken away because we are not rutted! 

Spending time, lots of time, getting to know God and being with Him should be a priority for those of us who don't want to fall away, and maybe the way "Christianity" is taught to teens should be changed a little.  
The world seems to be falling apart, but God never does, and never will.  I wanna cling to that with my life!  
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I suggest this article to you. I read all of it, so you can too.  
[ (Probe Ministries) Is This the Last Christian Generation? - The Future of American Christianity]
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Again, Check out the book, [here], suggest it to your youth pastor. Whatever. 
Read some verses! [ / ]
Check out a Christian Teen Website. [ / ]


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  2. Thanks. This is what I was writing while we had our nerve racking chat. :P

    1. Hahaha XD! Oh man I still am all emotional and crap XD, because I feel I didn't express myself well enough XD... it's bad O.O