Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Life

 Without you I am nothing;  I am your creation.   Close to you, my soul has peace, but I chose to look away.  Masking the truth of sin and lies, I lied to myself and avoided the guilt of confession.   
Without you I began to die.
Without you I was nothing.
My body ached. My eyes grew heavy.  Nothing seemed worth the energy that it took to see. 
I died inside; to the truth...  
And that was... me.  

Your grace gave me a second chance. 
Your mercies broke my chains.
In all your love, you revealed yourself, and hope returned. 
The beauty that had fled my face, and the world I was in, came back, more beautiful. 
You're my life. 
In you I live, I am not just alive. 
Praise you for your redemption!

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