Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Don't Look at Me

All I am is weakness.

He is all my strength.

Sadly, I will say this,
but show a different thing. 

Look at me and know,
that I am not my own,

That I have fallen badly,
and won't be fixing bones.

Know I'll let you down -
I'm not much on my own.

There's something in me, though,
a saving grace and a home.

No matter if I get it right,
or slip and screw it up,

I'm safe in arms that cover me -
they'll never give me up.

So look at me in any way,
but never see me there

All I am and all I've got,
and all that isn't there,

It's all to Jesus, 
ya, all my dust

Cuz when I fail,
He does not.

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