Tuesday, January 22, 2013


In the center, I find the answers
All the things you can do, are much more than I knew
Maybe the whole time I was so captured by your beauty
So much of you blew right through me
Overall I had the greatest downfall
More than that, you picked me up and gave me my life back
And the end, never came, and we can spend
Days on days, together, and all I can say is
Love, is the the only drug
You are the only one that makes me feel so happy
Inside I am exploding as you take me on this ride
Never will I ever
Live to see the things that truly kill me
Only you, can make me move
Vigorous activity, satisfies me vehementally
Every time, I see you smile it makes me, so happy.

I know that I am just a young man, with a young heart
But I have always loved you from the very start

Dear, God
The first part was for you,
Dear, love
This next part, I want you to listen to.

I know that I am just a young boy
And I have no singing voice
Maybe I should have left you be
Stuff like this gets so wierd for me
Only you, are the girl I choose
If I could have someone, it'd be you
Never forget, that I will be right here
Love is something that you don't have to fear
On time, I will try my best to be
Very hard, I will work forever for you to see
Everytime, I am so lost in love when you look at me.

I love you so much I could just hold your hand and run away
I know, I wont see you for more than twenty days
And a year, but that is not a reason for me to give up
Because my love for you is something that I can't stop.
And I thank God for you each day
And I will pray, that we don't have to part ways.

I love you both.

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