Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Things I Remember

I touch the grass so softly
While I hear your voice coming
You wanted so badly
To sit back and laugh so gladly
A loud sound startles
My thoughts and my head

But it left me
The hurt came back so quickly
You had to leave
And go home to sleep
But I thought I saw you
Sleeping so softly
But I remember, you were still awake

Hiding in the dark room
I tried to sneak in and talk to you
But friendship was so hard to come by
So I thought that was why
You looked so scared
When I walked in your room

I remember when you told me
That you would cry until your eyes bleed
Now I realize, you mean that much to me
In my head so quickly
I was filled with fantasy
But maybe it was all
Just a dream.

Now that I can’t see you
It’s like I should’ve said more
Snuck inside your door
And tell you how beautiful you truly are

I still can smell your perfume
When he sprayed it on my neck
What I would do
For him to spray me back.
Can you tell I miss you
In all my memories
But why are these things

The best times I can recall?