Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Way it Goes

So I live in Africa and there used to be a ton of people who lived here and loved it. but guess what, all those people are gone or coming soon. I am really bummed about that. There is no one here really who is really excited about it except me. i have lived here for 13 years and never have gotten bored of it. I have lived in America for 3 years and only one of those years i remember, and I loved it for about the first week than was longing to come back to Malawi. But i get back and everyone is suddenly gone. I am really sad but i also have joy because God is here for me. He is the only one I can trust and he loves me no matter what I do and I love Him. I am now just sitting around getting fat and lazy but it has also been the best times in my life, but also the worst. And it just got worse because everyone is gone. But its life and thats just the way it goes.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

What truth is.

I was writing a  paper about what truth is and I think this might be helpful or maybe you think I'm wrong, either way I really want to hear what you think about this, hope you enjoy.

What is Truth?
                What is truth? I am most definitely a Christian so I will give you the obvious answer, Jesus. Jesus declares that he is the truth. How is truth to be determined, now that is a question. There have been many arguments concerning what is true. Some people argue that if it is not in the Bible, than it is not true, but that is not the truth. Mathematics was not in the Bible, but we can prove that it is true. But some things we can’t prove are true by just trial and answer, so where do we get the answers? Most people get it from what they call their own truth, but if you made it up, than how can it be true without being verified to something. Some people use evolution to verify what is true, but if evolution its self is nothing more than what someone else made up to be their own truth, than how can we say that it is true. As a Christian I verify everything to the word of God, the Bible. I know that the Bible is true; it has been proven true and cannot be proven wrong by anything that is right. It is physically impossible to prove God’s word wrong. Some people get it wrong with that statement too. Just because you heard it in church doesn’t mean that it was God’s word. Some things said in church are just the pastor’s thoughts added to a matter, and if it does not fully line up with scripture than it can be proven wrong. But humans have been trying to prove the word wrong for a while and still they have no evidence saying that it is false in any way. The only way people try to prove it wrong is by making false accusations against it and twisting words. So when I evaluate what is true, I refer to the Bible. If it contradicts what God’s word says, than it really is not true, since God’s word is true. The way I see it is not that if it isn’t in the Bible it’s completely false, but that if it contradicts the Bible than it cannot be true. If someone told me that a banana was red, I cannot base my answer off of the Bible, because The Bible never talks about the color of a banana. So in order to find out I would have to search for all the bananas and make sure none of them were naturally red to prove him wrong. If something can be prove without having any missing gaps where the persons own theory comes in, than I can believe it is true. But once you get to the point where you ask questions that we cannot verify I refer to the Bible, such as who or what created the earth. The Bible simply states that God did, but others throw in what they believe with little facts to back it up, yet tons of people listen to what they have to say and not what God does (and what the person is saying is less accurate than the Bible). Some people think that it is crazy that people base their life off of a book, but it is not just a book, it is the most historically correct and most truthful book in the world, while others are just basing it off of some logical thinking and a lot of what they want it to be. It’s kind like me standing up in front of people and saying that all apples have the same exact size, shape, and  depth of color because I happened to find two apples that proved that, but still that is only two apples, the rest of our theory is what we made up to make it fit into our heads. How are Christians the ones who get called crazy, when a lot of people are just like someone claiming that all apples are exactly the same based off of tiny little facts. Some people are even crazier and believe that whatever they say is true, is the legitimate truth. So if I walked outside and said that the world was completely purple and had arms and legs, than according to that faith I’m right. Sadly many, many people fall into believing things that aren’t true and get lost in all of the commotion and forget what is really true, God. In conclusion God is really the only truth there is. I don’t mean to be harsh, but God is the truth and if you don’t believe that than sadly you’re living in a lie. That is what I know is true and how I think truth should be evaluated.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Not Ever Knowing

Hi my name is Caleb  (this is really the first time I have ever blogged so if its bad sorry)
I have been an MK my whole life in total i have spent 3 years out of Malawi, and only one of those i remember and it was this last year. I went to a "Christian" school but no one was really a Christian there. It was really hard because i never knew if the person i was talking to was a real christian or just said they were. It was one of the hardest years of my life because i spent that whole year not ever knowing who was a christian. It really confused me about what to believe about what was good and what was bad. But i was lucky that i had some really great friends and they helped clear some of that up. I am not trying to say that all america is like that but it was just a bummer of an experience with people. everything other than that was really great and i loved it. Then i moved back to Malawi and it is a really clear difference in right and wrong its like two separate groups of people. But it is really sad cause here are a lot of people who hang out with the wrong group who are really good people but are just confused with the right. I feel like i am being pulled into a gap in the middle where no one really likes me its just they hang out with me she they are bored. I don't know what to do, and the friends that i feel really liked me just got p and left real fast and its been bumming me out.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


  If there is one thing in life that I learned it has to be that friends are so important. If there is one thing that I would change is how I treat my friends, or at least one of my friends. You see her and I had a weird relationship. We used to like each other but then we just hated each other, or so it seemed. She used to be like my best friend until I ruined our friendship. I remember the day I messed up so badly. It was her birthday and I was just so angry, I couldn't take it anymore. She had hurt me deeply and kept hurting me some how, but still I had no right to do what I did. On her birthday, her BIRTHDAY, I wrote her the meanest letter I have ever writen to anyone ever before. I told her that she was two faced and that she was so wishy washy and just was a terrible person. I ruined it for her... and I can't change that. Even nowadays, now that we are friends again, it's still hard to not make mistakes. I do get hurt by her, but I don't ever want to hurt her. Ahhh I don't even know what I'm saying. I guess I'm just really trying to say a few things, number one: Don't ruin your good friend's birthday. Number two: If you have a friend treat them with the respect they diserve, because you never know when you wont have them anymore. And number three: To my good friend out there (you know who you are) I am so sorry for everything I do and have done, I really want to talk to you, like you asked, and I'm sorry for just being a jerk on your birthday, I wont on this one.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Some times life can kill, but we have to live.

  You know sometimes life really can kill and I really just feel like giving up when it tries to. I don't know what you are going through, but my life is going pretty bad. I moved to Africa and had a wonderfull time with my great friends, but I'll never forget the day that everything went wrong. I woke up to play some video games with my little brother and was just counting down the days until my best friends, the trumbles, would come back from there trip from South Africa. It started off good until my parents woke up. My dad ran out angrily and came to me and my brother. He sat nect to us for a little while until my mom came out of her room crying. My dad told us that my mom had been cheating on him and was in love with another man and that he, my dad, was going to leave us and probably send me and johnmark back to america to live there. I have never cried more in my life that day and I'm not one to cry. I made a promise with my little brother that no matter what, I would love and stay with him and be there for him. Well eventually my mom, my dad, my brother and I all had to leave, I didn't even get to say one last goodbye to my best friends. I went right from Africa back into American culture. For the first 2 weeks I was literally thinking about killing myself. I had no will to live anymore, to me no one understood anything. I was really really close to trying to kill myself too. Now my dad lives in my grandparents' house and my mom lives in our house. But I no longer want to kill myself. I realized that really no matter what God is really there. That whole week I had my pastors and my christian friends just come and help me, without me even telling them anything. My pastor suggested that I start to take some christian classes and help out in the youth services and go to his cell group, and litterally the day that I did so I felt more peace than you can ever imagine. Maybe your life is as bad as mine or maybe worse or maybe less, but God is the only one who can really fix and heal the gap in your heart. If you let him he can do great things in you. Now I have a passion like none other to reach out for christ and to give all I have for him. It still hurts to have my parents living in 2 different houses, but I pray and believe that no matter what happens that His will be done. Don't give up even if life tries to kill, just keep living, no matter what.