Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm not a missionary kid, but I still love Jesus!

     Hello! My name is Sophia, and I am NOT a missionary kid. Though I am not a missionary kid, I still love the Lord. I have actually never been out of the United States, to minister at least. I go to a Christian school, and I have Christian friends – but bad choices still present themselves. And I still give in. Each and everyday I find myself finding the joy that the Lord has given to me. While im not a missionary, I still do the Lords “mission work”. At my school there are people who come in hating the Lord, and I try my best to show them how wonderful Christ is. 

    A few short months ago, in walked a girl, who seemed troubled. I started to talk to her, and she told me everything wrong in her life – it seemed pretty bad. But I had to remind her that Jesus loves everyone, and forgives every sin. A few weeks passed, and I then asked her how she liked school her response was “it is the worst school I have ever been to, and I hate how everyone is always talking about this God”. In all honesty, I was shocked! I started to ease her into the idea of Christ, and now she is a Christian! Here is the verse that changed her mind “And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him and let it drop (leave it, let it go), in order that your Father Who is in heaven may also forgive you your [own] failings and shortcomings and let them drop. Mark 11:25


Welcome to the wonderfull world of weekends and too much cake

I don't really know what to write about right now that has to do with faith and what not. Lately I've found that what I say only wrecks things. I don't know what to say about God anymore, and frankly I don't know exactly how to think of Him. I'm a little lost about everything becuase it seems like diferent people tell me diferent things, and I don't know what God is trying to tell me.  Maybe He isn't trying to tell me anything right now. 

I have learned a cupple things tonight though.  One was that God totaly dominates witch doctor birds. Aparently we heard one. Sarah wouldn't tell me what a witch doctor bird is, but I'm not sure I wanted to know. I got freaked anyway, so me and Jericho prayed and I felt alot better. Another thing I learned was that teenagers, no matter what, I think go looking for awkward conversations about "likeing" people and what not. It's really weird to tell you the truth. Even though I am that way too, I think it's not so good and veryy weird.  The last thing I learned was that music REALLY afects my mood.  Screemo definitly calms me down and makes me feel like I've unlocked the door to my real mind, but it also makes me feel like I'm in a deeper world that is a bit sad. It also always makes me think of Timmy, and makes me miss him.  On the other hand, Ryan plugs in his iPOd and plays ska and I feel compleatly diferent. Happy I guess, but a happy that has no where to go and nothing to think about or do. 

Our suprise party for Ryan went well tonight. I had alot of fun. I'm really thankfull for my friends and I'm also really thankfull to have guy friedns as well. My mom told me she didn't really talk to guys untill 9th grade but I guess in Malawi when there are not that many people to be friends with it just happens that you talk to boys.

Well... I'm tired. It's 1:00 and I'm so tired.  I guess I will go to bed soon. 
Jesus loves you ;P