Sunday, January 13, 2013

Broken Mirrors

Sometimes we think the good thing is right,
But when the time comes, it’s more than a fright
I wish I knew the answers, but sadly I don’t
Times get hard for me, but for others they won’t.

If I could try
Nothing I would say, would prevent you from dying away
Something is all I ask for, something I could do.
I wish I could do more than nothing for you.
Dresses are beautiful, but are you underneath
Every time you’re in my eyes, it gets harder to breathe.

My mind cracked the glass in the mirrors
Eventually I hope to see everything clearer.

Incidentally I can’t be the thing that’s near her.

And what can I do?
May I finally get near to you?

Brush it all off, there’s no need to hurt
Remember the days on end, and all that it’s worth.
Open your eyes and maybe it will be better
Knowing what is slowing my eyes at the first letter
Enter my mind and hear what I’ve spoken
Now the mirrors are near, and sadly they’ve broken.

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