Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dear, Father

What happened to the light in the sky
It’s like all our faith disappears at night
Bleeding is your cure to the pain, but it doesn’t have to be
My eyes are lost in the things I shouldn’t see, I just need someone to come and pray for me.

Dear one I love,
Why do we kill ourselves?
We both know that there is a God out there, but somehow we forget
We say we are done, when still at the end of the road, all we have is regret.
I think that we never truly are done, but pray when we wake up
The desires will be gone.

My brother, he hides the tears in his eyes
On the inside he is already dead,
I am not invincible, and I can’t forget
How could this happen, how can my fears turn to life?

My brother,
Why do we hide these tears?
I might look like a man, but we can cry.
We say it doesn’t hurt, but let’s be open for the first time.
I think we say we’re ok, whenever we’re not, and pray when we wake up
That it won’t be the same.

I know I’m not a man, but maybe I pray
That by tomorrow I’ll choose to live another day
I’m hurting inside from this, God
Be the man I can’t ever be.
To my brother
To my love
Hold them, wrap them
I never want to leave you father,
I never want you to leave.

Let me cry…
Let me cry…

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