Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Is This Me? (Disgusted face)

Scary?... o.o 

Scary!? ...

Everyone knows me but me.
Where did I go?
Who is this in my body? 
Lord, bring her back,
the me I was,
and fill me with your Spirit 
and love. 
give me wisdom to understand 
Whoever you are,
Whoever I am. 

Make me who I'm gonna be,
filled with your own gory.
Sorry that I'v lost myself,
and thought I'd somehow catch myself.
It's been so long
I've com so far
and me, who I was, 
she's disappeared.

Is all hope lost?
am I too far gone? 
I'm not dead yet..
and change has begun..

I believe you're there.
I know I'm somewhere. 
and the more I'm in you
the more I'll be here.

So nearer, nearer,
Lord, to me. 
I need you.
I'm just asking, plz

1 comment:

  1. I feel the same way sometimes. You just got to keep going.