Monday, May 5, 2014

Dear Lost Friend of Mine

I see my friend just so far away from what he believes.... He's so lost. He used to be a rock for me when I was so lost... But now he is even worse off than I was. I can't save him and I never could... Only God can.

I don't understand how someone so sure of their beliefs could take a u-turn and walk away. I don't understand how he could give in... He was so strong... But now he's just fallen so far...

God what do I do? How do I help? What can I do to make this better? What words can I say... What prayers can I make? I believe in him so much... But God, what do I do? I die inside when I realize that he's so far from where he wanted to be. 

God just save him! Because I want to see him at the end! I believe I'll see him, so lord help him to be there as white as snow! Don't let his blood cover his broken body! Save him God! Because I miss seeing him around! I miss his encouraging words...

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