Friday, May 16, 2014



Everyone decides when the time is right
To tell you how to make up your mind.
I don't remember the last time I could think
Without someone telling me,
Exactly what they want me to do.
I don't remember the last time I could come through.

I hear your voice
Even as it starts to fade
Into the back of my stereo
Set on replay.
I want to hear you more
As I burn these cities of glass down.
I want to hear you more
As I burn these cities of glass down.

When will I find
That place where it's just you and I?
When will I find
That place where we can hide.
I want to run away together again
And forget about these voices telling me
That I need to listen to them.

Because even in this loud tremor
I can hear your whispers, loud as thunder.
And I can hear;
It's the sweetest song I know.
It's the sweetest song I know.

Won't you let me run away with you
One more time.
Because these voices try
Their hardest to pry
A way back inside.

Wake me up
When we get there.
Because right now,
I just want to sleep in your peace.


City planes drift
And city clouds shift
While mountain tops lift;
Sometimes I don't have enough stones to skip.
I watched the waters ripple into streams,
And subtle slumber turn to dreams
Of the world we wish we'd see,
But it just doesn't seem like it'll be.

Casper casts his shadow
Upon the dark and shallow
Waters that seem to go on until tomorrow;
One day we'll run out of days to borrow.

Sometimes when I wake up,
I think of what the world will look like at the end.

“I Can See The Horns That Start To Show”
They used to tell me your stories
Just as I fell in my bed.
These tales of my deepest thoughts
Are now often unread.
They tell me the world will be saved
But what if they can't hear you?
What if they can't hear your voice?

See I've been thinking,
With everything sinking
Like ships with holes,
If we are speaking
And still not hearing,
Will we pay the toll?
Will we be ready
When the reaper comes
To take his wages?
Will we be ready
When the moon turns to blood
And the stars start to fall upon us?
I don't think we understand.

No one fears anymore,
We've been raised up to be too brave.
Aren't we scared of the wrath
Rushing in like a crashing wave?
We don't know how terrible the fire burns,
No we don't understand how much it hurts.

You tell me that I don't need to worry
But I don't think you know the times are getting shorter.
You tell me not to worry
But we don't know how great will be the disorder.

I know the horses are coming close.
I stand by the gallows waiting for my sentence.
I never wanted this to happen,
I never wanted this to happen.
I just need your spirit
Wrapped around my heart and mind
So that I can live this time.

“Grass Stains”

I like to remember the times
When I was a young boy
And days became dreams.

I like to think of the rhymes
When I was full of joy
And flowers became trees.

I miss you my closest friend,
Because I think you had a bit of my southern side.
I miss calling her momma, and dreaming of saddle rides.
I remember my dreams of becoming a cowboy
And saving my family from the clutches of bandits.
I remember the day
When all of the sudden, I wanted to become them.

I know that deep down I’m a country kid
Clothed in a city dweller’s robes,
Because when I look back on what I did,
I dream of these dirt roads.
I dream of nights like these
When the trees whisper their secrets
To my aching ears
In hopes of soothing my sorrows.

I miss nights like these
When I find some story,
When I find some dream.

Take me to a better place
Than what I dream of.
Because dreams are great,
But I know they can’t come close to yours.

Take my heart
And take it to the night sky.
Because I have dreamed all my life
Of sleeping on the moon.


We don’t know,
How could we forget.
Oh we don’t know
How real these eyes see.
Are we really,
Shouldn’t we know?
To be honest,
How could we forget.
Every time I close my eyes,
Something seems to come on by.
Every time I close my eyes,
Hell takes its time
And opens its gates wide.
Not me, it can’t be me.
Don’t you think
Something different would finally be in my mind.


I know that you’re there.
I feel you
I breathe you.
I see these open doors.
Somewhere out in those valleys
Lays our great adventure.
I dream of the grass.
What a great dream.
I think I’ll write it down
So that I can’t ever forget you.
When the dark creeps in,

I want to remember.

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  1. I like "I can see the horns that start to show" it was on my level of understanding lol. But really it was good, I really like it.