Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Ok so to be honest I think teenagers are dumb. Just so stupid. Why blow your whole life away doing crap that ultimately isn't that cool or awesome, it's just bad which apparently makes it cool.

See I have no problem with kids. Kids are crazy and do things that are dumb, but it's all for the sake of adventure and normally what they do is just something that could have broken an arm. But generally these ideas are so creative, so unique that they end up over reaching for the impossible and get hurt.

See teenagers don't do that. What do we do? We follow. We follow each other. Just the blind leading the blind. Or we follow something dumb we saw on T.V. We become obsessed with things that are unnecessary and hold us back. We look up to people that only bring us down. And as far as the creative aspect, we have very little imagination.... We just don't do anything.

At the beginning of your teens you just are do excited to be called a big kid... But you just gave up all the imagination and creativity that you had... You have it up to be big, to be cool. And then once you figure out how lost you are... You spend the rest of your life trying to find that child again. Or you move on to the next stage: the big teen.
The big teen life is just being in your twenties and 30s and just wanting more. What's the point of drinking yourself to death? What does it do for you? And the next part of being a big teen is looking back at your teen years and wanting them all back. You become a dead old man who never learned to grow up.

And then there are actual adults. They understand responsibility, but they don't just do whatever, they have a purpose. You have fun still, but life isn't about a party.

I think I never got into the whole party phase, but I've waisted so much time wanting to stay in the teen phase. I'm so tired of it. I'm tired of only being around people that have no respect for others or themselves. I'm tired of people just killing themselves....  But sadly that's just the way it goes.

But it doesn't have to be that way! It doesn't have to be just a purposeless life of death! Why don't we just grow up! I'm happy that I'm finally becoming a man. I'm tired of being a teen. I'm ready to commit.

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