Monday, May 27, 2013

Don't Close Your Eyes

Let's just be quite while they speek
And let down our minds for a moment to sleep
Understand that I don't mean to hurt
I just want you to hear my words

I never knew that you could make such a daring choice
Sounds to me like you only love your voice
Trying to bend the truth with the sound of your beating heart
With your thoughts more twisted that the darkest parts
You could never know
How hard it is to let go
Because You've been holding on to what you think
Is the best thing to hold on while you sink
Into the thick cold black, blue hole
Where you bury the sounds that speak to your soul

One day we could try
To open our blind eyes
And search for something more in life
Than just our mistakes
And see what turn life takes
Instead of holding on the the crust of the city
While the besieging sounds of sin start sounding pretty

I know my mind has been lost in the streets
But I know that I can overcome the stress I meet
Because I've been planted on the solid ground
Where I finally see my strength is found
And I don't have to give up at the sign of death
While I keep a steady breath
I'll show them that I will not be moved

Lets look out
One more time
So that we can see
That sun shine
Before out minds doubt 

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