Friday, October 19, 2012

It's been a while

Well it's been a while since the least time I said anything, well here is what's been on my head recently You know, it isn't always easy for me My parents are not living together anymore, they were missionaries, but nowadays they barely go to church at all (I'm not saying that going to church is the only way to be a Christian). I'm always struggling with problems that I have mostly in my faith and with temptations. It's hard to love others. It's not so easy to constantly want to talk to God. But to be honest.. You know that stuff is easy for me to get back on my feet when I fall, even though it's a constant battle What has really been killing me recently is being away from the ones I love. It's hard to live with my mom all the time, but never see my dad, I love my dad It's hard to be away from my friends here in Florida, because they are always doing t hings, but I'm too far to attend. But I seriously just lay here in my bed with my heart just seeking, and with my mind unable to find peace thinking of my two very best friends Jim and Elizabeth. It's one of the hardest things for me, to be away from them... And they are always on my mind. But you know I can overcome this all. To be honest with no cliche, God really just bring me peace and can help always. Opening his word, praying, and living him and just obeying him brings me peace beyond possible thinking. It's a crazy thing in life, but it's true God's the one thing that keeps me going even though I'm still sad over missing the ones I love. Never forget that He is right beside you, always.

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