Saturday, October 27, 2012

Based on the Sermon a While Back

I don't sin and turn a sinner,
I don't lie and make a liar,
I'm a sinner so I sin,
Am but a liar so I lie.

Born, I saw this world,
I began this life I knew,
And one, first veiled to my eyes,
As a spirit started too.

I lived and learned to walk in one,
But, dead, I rot the other,
From the very first I was,
Born live, but dead and under.

As a rotting corps is just
As dead as one just gone,
A murder man and sweet young girl,
Are both still dead in sin.

"Born again" - a common phrase,
It's never seen till seen in grace,
A new life that moves them both,
I now command: initiate.

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