Tuesday, August 21, 2012

So much foir that idea

I don’t feel like being an artist right now.  It gets kind of bagged on anyway.  I wouldn’t call it a profession at all. It’s what people do when, one, they can, and two, they can’t really do anything else. Sure… Expression.  Who really cares?  Suck it up and live on! We don’t need to be artistic or express ourselves!  Be a man.  Personally, I think it is sort of a waste of time and is overdramatized. Not only that, but it also seems to spit drama from its cry-baby, emotional mouth.  

I like it…. I love it.  …but it’s dumb.  I feel stupid trying to pursue a life full of it.

I’d be like, an “artisan.” Eh…  Throughout the things I’ve learned in history class I’ve always seen artisans as expendable and sort of as hold backs.  I don’t know why, because they are the people who develop technology, which isn’t holding anything back, but then again, I’m kind of mad at technology too. 

Artists are weird.

I’m really mad.

I just wanna… I want to be… Something. Not here, not now, not this. Somewhere.

I miss.  . . .

Ugh . . . I don’t know.


  1. Elizabeth, don't feel like being an artist isn't important, or doesn't do much. You know God can use you in any way he wants even in art. You know people who see these amazing pictures of art about God, actually find it very helpful. Without art it's hard to like really get a feel for something. I really hope you don't think it's stupid and stop, because it's not, and I really love seeibg your art, whether it be a rainbow kitty or a massive eye. Your art encourages me and really can just put a smile on my face, and I just really need a few smiles right now. Please don't stop :(.

  2. Hey Elizabeth who said you couldn't do anything else. You can play basketball, and soccer and pretty good to. And artists stay artists because they don't try to be other things. I am good at some sports and thats about it, but i want to talk the art after school so i can sit down and draw i don't want to be running around all day i want to stop and be able to do something else. So try other things and you could be good at both.