Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My birthday

So about a week ago it was my 16th birthday. Yeah i was kinda excited but i was also really bummed for some reason. I don't know why but this was probably the worst birthday i had the best part though was some of my friends threw me a surprise birthday and it was really fun and nice. But then that really was it, I don't know why but i have been bummed all the time. I don't have any motivation to do anything except play soccer and no one here really cares about sports so it doesn't matter. It seems that i just have really no place in the group of friends here in Malawi anymore. So i am sixteen now and it just keeps getting worse. I have no idea what i should do anymore.

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  1. Bro, not to sound so self holy or anything at all, but bro read the Bible. Like no Jone when I read it, I feel so much peace in my heart sir. It'll really help you cuz I know it helps me.